Collection: The 6 Week Glute Guide

The 6 Week Glute Guide is an all around glute focus training program. Whether you’re new to fitness or have been in the game for a while - this is the program for you! All exercises can be completed at home or at the gym. No equipment is necessary, although resistance bands are HIGHLY recommended. 

The Glute Guide comes fully loaded with:

  • mobility work
  • static and dynamic stretches  
  • activation exercises
  • 3x a week full glute workout
  • written description of all exercises
  • demonstration videos of all exercises 
  • foam rolling routine
  • and more!

I have also teamed up with licensed Nutritionist Diana Choibekova for a little bonus segment on nutrition - what to eat and how to portion your food! 

It’s time to get to work. Those glutes ain’t gonna grow themselves! 


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