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About Me

The Woman Behind the Athlete  


“O.D.”, more simply known as Oditte, is a Certified Personal Trainer in Canada. Prior to becoming a personal trainer, O.D. attended Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on a NCAA Division I Basketball scholarship where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. From the combined experiences of her athletic life and academic life comes her personal philosophy: to help ourselves, we must work from the inside out - in order to achieve our goals, we must train our mind first and our body second. It’s that same mentality that she brings to personal training, helping her clients combine physical and mental training to achieve their highest potential. 

O.D. has worked in the fitness industry for over six years, but has lived it for almost two decades. She has trained a wide variety of men and women, from beginners, to professional athletes, seniors, and believe it or not, a real-life royal Princess or two. 

“How you end up looking is just a bonus,” O.D. says. “Fitness is about overcoming challenging obstacles and our limiting beliefs we have set for ourselves in our minds. It’s about teaching your mind how to win; about goal setting and achieving; about celebrating victories, both big AND small. The great thing about that is, you can apply what you’ve learned at the gym in real life! I really think that, as a whole, we aren’t purposefully mindful about our health until it’s at jeopardy. Fitness is not something we do, it’s a series of choices we make. So let’s make some good ones!”